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Dedicated Conservationists

At Seas of Change, we believe that our efforts can make a huge difference. Join us in order to make an impact and bring about a transformation in our world. Our goal is to preserve the world's dwindling population of marine life by protecting their environments and educating today's youth. To do this, we need your help.

Our Mission

Thinking Wild and Wonderful

Our mission is simple: to raise funds and awareness for marine life and their environments, whilst educating and inspiring today's youth to make a change in their communities. We invite you to join us in this beautiful cause to help preserve our magnificent oceans and its marine life for the next generations.

Marine Life Conservation

Environmental Conservation




Our Partners

OceanViews is a series run by Seas of Change aiming to share the incredible stories of youth activists across the world, helping to educate and inspire others.

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Recent Media & Awards

Northern Beaches Council Young Citizen of the Year Feature

Northern Beaches 2021 Young Citizen of the Year*

Northern Beaches Eco Award for Youth Individual Achievement*

2021 Youth Community Service Award from the NSW Order of Australia Branch*

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RK Pachauri Award for

Youth-Led Climate Action

NSW Education Week

'Lifelong Learners' Feature

Nanga Mai Award

for Student Leadership*

POP Festival 2021

Leadership Award for Australia*

POP Festival 2021 Best Project Award for the Continuation and Quality of Work since 2020

*Awards won by Steph