The Habit of Giving

About Us

Here at Seas of Change, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little hope and support. We are here to be the voice to those who don't have one. Since the beginning of our organization in 2014, we have worked hard to grow and raise awareness and funds for the plight of numerous marine species. Join us and get into the habit of giving, because it truly does make the world a better place. Our slogan is to always think "Wild and Wonderful" and we hope that you too will take up this motto with us.

Meet the team



Founder, Director & Head of Campaigns

Steph, now 17, founded SoC when she was 10 years old. It was created out of a want to give back to the animals in our world, naming it Save the Dugongs. With the help of Sea World Australia, she began fundraising for dugong research and donated the funds to Dr Janet Lanyon to help purchase much-needed equipment. At 13, Steph became an Ocean Youth Ambassador for Sealife Sydney Aquarium and decided to rebrand and expand Save the Dugongs to Seas of Change.
Since, Steph attended the dugong health checks with Dr Janet Lanyon from the University of Queensland, attended the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp in Vancouver, Canada in 2019 and was a squad leader for 2020, presented at her local council in support of a motion to declare a Climate Emergency (it passed!) and presented at various schools and events, sharing her story and advice to inspire the next generation of leaders.

Participating in conservation activities brings Steph the most joy any action could and she cannot wait to see where SoC takes her in future years!



General manager, Head of digital content and design

Mel joined the team in 2016 and has been a major asset since. She is a creative genius, making all Steph's dreams look amazing! She is an excellent writer and creates all the content for our social media, as well as writing for our blog. Mel also designed our website and helps curate all campaigns and presentations. Mel attends most speeches with Steph, presenting as a duo, and helps to keep SoC running each day!

Mel is an avid conservationist and like us all, aims to leave a positive imprint on this world.



(Content Creator

Gloria joined the team in 2017 and is extremely passionate about helping our marine life. She is an excellent asset to the team with her unwavering commitment and her engaging blog posts. She also helps to plan events and fundraisers, filling in wherever needed!



Content Creator

Thilara joined the team in early 2018 as we were getting ready to launch Seas of Change! She is extremely dedicated to our cause, writing extremely informative blog posts and helping to plan events and fundraisers. Her help and support are invaluable!