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Beyond Bucks: 10 ways to make a difference PART 1

Hi everyone,

I’m Gloria, and I’m the newest member of Seas of Change. Dugongs are one of the most endangered species in the world. Let’s ensure we keeping taking steps closer to creating a safe and healthy environment for our dugongs to live in, by taking small actions that will make a huge difference.

5 simple ways to help:

· Collisions between boats and dugongs are one of the causes of dugong deaths related to human activity. Always be completely aware of your surroundings and watch out for dugongs.

· Completely avoid using mesh nets while going fishing. Mesh nets also have a huge impact on dugong population around the world as dugongs are very prone to getting caught in these nets meaning that the dugong is threatened to extinction even further.

· Take action to prevent pollutants, nutrients and herbicides from agriculture and other land-based activities flowing into creeks and rivers, as these chemicals then poison seagrass, making it inedible for dugongs

· Avoid damaging seagrass by making sure that you stop dragging boats along seagrass meadows (especially in shallow areas), destroying the dugongs main source of food and nourishment

· Immediately report any injured or dead dugongs by phone on 1300 animal (1300 264 625)

That brings us to the end of this blog post, but I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holidays, and stay tuned for our next post. And remember always think wild and wonderful.

- Gloria ♡

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