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Stick with Sustainable!

Hi y'all! Mel is back!

Did you know? My dad absolutely LOVES fishing. Not kidding, he says his hands get 'Itchy' if he doesn't fish all the time! Like, he's completely hooked, if ya know what i mean. :P

So I thought I might address the topic of sustainable fishing, and why it's so important!

Sustainable fishing is basically defined as food that is put on our plate with minimal impact on fish populations, or the marine environment. Sustainable fishing is not just protecting the numbers of fish left in the ocean, but also the way the fish are caught, the impact on the seafloor, and the ecosystems which other creatures thrive in.

Globally, we have a big hill to hike over to be sustainable in fishing. Some of the things that should really change are:

- Lack of awareness; this blog should help a little :)

- Overfishing; the race to make a buck has lead to this. Over 30% of our global fish stocks are overfished.

- Bycatch; where other non-target marine 'fish' such as dolphins, corals, turtles and seabirds are caught in fishing nets and gear accidentally.

- Bottom trawling; towing or dragging fishing gear across the bottom of the seafloor to catch fish. This is detrimental to the ecosystems on the sea floor cos, ya know there are other things other than fish living there.

- Not to mention, the threatened and endangered species that could be harmed even MORE by the above! Remember the dugongs :)

Many seafood shops don't follow sustainable fishing

requirements, and the uncomfortable truth is that all this is really is taking a toll on our oceans.

Fortunately, the demand for sustainable seafood is growing, so stick with sustainable!

- Mel

“Thinking Wild and Wonderful"


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