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6 years of Seas of Change!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

WOW! 6 years since I first launched the original website, Save the Dugongs. It's been a crazy journey and at 10 years old I could never have imagined where this would take me! I am so grateful for the amazing people and organisations who have supported me throughout this journey, from my parents for paying for my site to be put online to SeaWorld for being our first donors and many more inbetween!

This world is a harsh place and young people are so often told to wait until they are older to make a difference or start something - I know I was told that many times! This is what amazes me about this journey, I was, and still am, so young! Our entire team are under 18 yet, we have still achieved so much and hope that inspires other young people to take a leap of faith and pursue their passions, no matter their age!

I never had a plan for this and I think that was the best way to do this! I had no expectations so could never let myself down, yet putting in the hard work and following my passion has made so many opportunities appear! From attending dugongs health checks with Dr Janet Lanyon, to speaking at schools and events to mentoring youth globally, to attending a conference in Canada I've loved every minute of this! However, everyone sees the highlight reel and forget the amount of work, tears and stress that has gone into this is immense, AND none of these amazing opportunities occured until 4

whole years after I started this journey!

I'm so glad I kept going throughout those years and that I met the incredible girls who now call Seas of Change theirs too! If I hadn't met Mel in year 7 this organisation would never have existed, we would never have rebranded and it would have just died off. Mel, Gloria and Thilara are absolute angels!

First of all, handing over some control of your 'baby' is very hard so I'm thankful they stuck through this with me whilst I learnt to rely on them and work as a team instead of doing everything myself. It's so much easier to split the workload!!

Secondly, they put soooo much time and effort into this organisation, UNPAID, whilst we are all completing our final year of high school. Their relentless passion and ideas are a driving force behind SoC and I can't wait to see where we all go together.

I've experienced so much on this journey but am most looking forward to sharing the next stages with Mel, Thilara and Gloria as working as a team is so rewarding, and just plain fun!! Our aim for the next few years, once we graduate, is to expand our school talks program and to start an annual workshop across Australia. We don't want to share too many details just yet, but we are all very excited for what the future holds.

Thank you so much for all your support over these past years.

Have a lovely festive season,

Steph <3

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