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A Swim Through Time

Greetings my little pepperonis!

How are you today? Today I have been a little out of my mind (hehe), so sorry if this isn't as long as expected. Anyways, onto the history lesson!

(Don't worry, that's not what I look like. No offense.)

Me: Today dear class we are learning about dugongs! Hurrah! We are to be running through a quick and thorough timeline of how dugongs became endangered and how they have been threatened over the years.

You guys: Yay!

Me: Dugongs are endangered by the damage of seagrass habitat, as seagrass is their main food source. Water pollution caused by coastal development and industrial activities cause the shallow waters that the dugongs rely on to be unsafe and unhygienic, not to mention threatening towards breeding.

You guys: Ooooh!

Me: Oh yea. This is real guys!

Anyways. Dugongs can also become entangled in fishing nets accidentally. For you people who are of lesser intelligence to me, this is called BYCATCH. Whoa.

(Note from the author: Okay, this is not short. Whups!)

Me: As you all know, the Great Barrier Reef has been enjoying it's World Heritage Status. But UNESCO decided that it could be moved into the World Heritage 'In Danger' list.

You guys: Yeah yeah, go on.

Me: Well, long story short, the Great Barrier reef is experiencing lots of damage, mostly from on-land production. The rain water travels through farms and, you know, bad stuff, and goes into the reef, which is detrimental to all the living things down there.

You guys: Ohhhhhhhh.

Me: Yup! The bad stuff is very harmful to sea grass because other bad stuff called dredging digs up the soil, and therefore kills plants.

You guys: Okay thanks Mel!

Me: No problem! Bye!

And that's it! Thanks for reading, and remember to keep thinking wild and wonderful!

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