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A Whalecome to Whaling

Updated: Aug 4, 2019


Mel is back!

*bubblbblbble* *jazz-fins* *fin-flop* *other fun (fin) stuff*

Let’s talk about an issue that is related to Mr. Whale, my friend here. Whaling! Mr. Whale is my assistant and will be making some whale noises in the background.

Hello, Mr Whale.

How are you today?

*whale noises*

Ahh yes. I agree.

Whaling was started in Australia in the late 18th Century. It was carried out using harpoons from small boats. The whales were then towed behind the boats back to whaling stations on the shore. Whale blubber was melted down to be used as oil for lamp fuel, lubricants, candles and as a base for perfumes and soaps. Baleen which is whalebone was used for items such as corsets, whips, and umbrellas.

*sad whale noises*

I’m sorry, I know, it’s so terrible :(

In the late 19th century, the development of harpoon guns, explosive harpoons and steam-driven whaling boats made large-scale whaling so efficient that many whale species came near to extinction. This was seen and identified, which eventually led to the closure of the whaling industry in Australia.

*happy whale noises*

*happy human noises*

But that’s just in AUStralia.

After the whaling ban in 1986, Japan launched it’s uh…

S c i e n t i f i c whaling program, which is recognised as it’s cover for the ongoing whaling operation. The scientific whale meat is then sold in FOOD markets or traded at a low cost.

*offended whale noises*

‘Scuse you, Japan, but there.






that supplies you with



Norway only respected the whaling ban for less than 10 years. They then started to hunt minke whales, after finding a loophole in the Regulation of Whaling and jumping through it.

Norway sets it’s own quota for the number of whales it’s whalers are permitted to kill. This number has gone up and up, from being allowed to kill around 670 minke whales in 2002 to more than 1000 today! Fortunately, this self-allocated kill limit has been reduced in more recent years.

Iceland thought that Japan was a good influence and started to conduct a ‘scientific’ whaling program. Iceland then stopped for a bit in 1992, then decided to join back to the trend after 14 years, in 2006. Iceland also, targeted minke whales but also fin whales.

*disgusted and scared whale noises*

What is the whaling ban thingy though? This ban was put into place by the International Whaling Commission (bless their souls).

The ban has helped a few species of whales recover from the vicious attacks we have impaired on them, however, the future of other species remain uncertain.

*super sad whale noises*

*sad human noises*

Mmmnnnneeehhh and that’s the end of this blog post!

Hopefully it made you aware of how whaling is something that needs to be stopped.

Good bye!

Mr. Whale says bye too :)

- Mel and Mr. Whale

“Thinking Wild and Wonderful”


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