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Announcing our partnership with Ervis Foundation!

We are so excited to announce our official partnership with Ervis Foundation.

I have been working with Ervis Foundation for the past year as a mentor for their "Blue Circle" program after being an interviewee for their "For What it's Earth" series. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Priyanka from Ervis so am looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together in the future.

Below is a short description of Ervis Foundation and its work, to learn more check out their website (https://www.ervisfoundation.org/) or Instagram page (@ervisfoundation).

- Steph <3


In 2019, Ervis Foundation set out on a long voyage with a goal – to clean our oceans and save our marine life. It took a few years of ideation, brainstorming, dedication and passion to initiate this journey of a lifetime.

It all started in 2016, when Haaziq Kazi, young inventor and co-founder of Ervis Foundation was asked by his school to prepare a Ted Talk on any topic that was close to his heart. Having watched countless documentaries about the adverse effect of Plastic Pollution on marine life, he was certain that there was no bigger problem that he would want to address and drive awareness about. There was no looking back from there. This inspired him to build a ship that can help reverse the damage done to the oceans by us humans.

With this, the idea of ERVIS was born. This gave Haaziq the opportunity to interact with many youth and adults across the globe. He especially came across motivated youngsters who shared a similar passion to bring a positive change. This sparked an idea. Haaziq decided to establish a foundation that would be dedicated to bringing a generational change in the way the youth today interacts with plastic, ensuring it to be in a more responsible and sustainable manner.

A year into its voyage, Ervis Foundation is a social enterprise that is dedicated to working against the adversities of plastic pollution. We engage with the youth to bring a generational change in the way we consume and dispose of plastic.

Our mission is to be at the forefront of the movement of bringing awareness and inciting change in responsible plastic consumption and disposal by engaging in educational initiatives with the youth.

Our vision is to engage with the youth globally, to bring a generational change in the way we consume and dispose of plastic, by being more responsible and sustainable.

From our Zero Waste Marketplace to our RoaRRR App and our Blue Initiatives, we aim to make responsible plastic consumption and disposal a daily habit. Our goal is to not just educate but also to inspire a positive behavioural change in the young generation.

We set sail with the goal to resolve the issue of plastic debt and spread awareness about plastic pollution. We chose students from primary classes to intermediate level to form our crew and so far have reached out to over 1600 students in schools across UAE and India. Our strategy is to educate today’s youth and the future of tomorrow about the gravity of plastic debt along with useful techniques to address the same. We aim to develop plastic-free communities using biodegradable alternatives in order to reduce plastic waste generation (reduce the plastic footprint).

The year 2020 was a challenging year for the whole world. This meant that all youth leaders, organizations, and groups working for our environment, had to find creative ways to continue their advocacy and action virtually.

We too had to find effective ways of taking our Blue initiatives online. It began with our ‘For What It’s Earth’ talk series that focused on creating meaningful dialogues through interviews with youth leaders and environmental experts from around the globe. Our talk series hosted eminent guests such as Steph from ‘Seas of Change,’ Ameenah-Gurib Fakim, the ex-president of Mauritius and so many more.

We also launched the very first edition of our Blue Circle Forum which aimed at bringing youth leaders and experts to the same table to discuss and brainstorm solutions for our oceans, using the ‘Harkness Method’ of learning. The program witnessed participation from 10 passionate youth leaders and experts such as Dr Ash Pachauri, Steph Evans, Ana Hanhausen, Cristina Gabetti and so many more. Our youth leaders went on to create their very own solution-models to tackle the plastic crisis by the end of the program. Our youth leaders have also launched their very own ‘Blue Warriors’ Club in their schools, which is a youth-led and youth-driven club, with an aim to make environment learning and action an integral part of the school systems.

Going forward we hope to continue to do our bit in imparting environment education and bringing a generational change in the way we as a society interact with plastic. As this year marks the start of the ‘Decade of Action’, let’s take last year as a wake-up call, and tend to the urgency of the crisis that our planet is facing today. And all of this possible only if we all unite, show solidarity and continue to do our bit every single day.

We are honoured and delighted to partner with the Seas of Change and look forward to working together in creating a healthier future for our planet and for the generations to come.

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