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Australia Day Awards!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

So excited to finally be able to announce that I (Steph!) have been chosen as the Northern Beaches Council, 2021 Young Citizen of the Year.

This award was such an honour to receive! I honestly, never thought I'd receive an award like this as I just love Seas of Change and everything I do with it. To be able to impact young kids lives when speaking at schools and events in Australia, as well as being a mentor globally and participating in global conferences is a dream come true. Working with other passionate young people is my absolute favourite thing to do it I'm so glad what we are doing is helping others.

As I could only say a short speech, here's everything else I wanted to say:

First of all, I love Seas of Change with all my heart. I started this out of love, never with the intention of receiving any awards. I find it funny that what I stand for is considered controversial! I believe we should all have the right to a safe future, with access to clean air, clean water and food, without the threat of rising sea levels and an increased level of natural disasters. To me, that's not controversial, it's just simple! Why wouldn't you want to stand for that? SoC is a normal part of my life - I honestly don't know any different as I was too young when I started, so to me, these awards are crazy!

Secondly, my parents are awesome. When a 10-year-old tells you they want to start a charity most people wouldn't have said "sure thing" and proceeded to give you the tools to build a website. I never could have achieved any of this without their support!.

Finally, our team is incredible. SoC would not be here without Mel, Gloria and Thilara. The work they put in every day, completely voluntarily, is mind-blowing to me and I'll forever be grateful for their support.

Running Seas of Change has been a light in my life these past 6/7 years and I am so incredibly excited to see where we will go in the next few years.

Thank you for all your support these past years, it means the world!

- Steph <3

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