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Endangered Species

Hi everyone,

We all know what an endangered animal is, and we know that there are so many animals on the brim of extinction in the world. But do you know that these animals are being led to destruction through our actions?

Here are some of the things that lead to species endangerment:

Destruction of Habitat :

Ecosystems function quite well when left alone, and they act like a balance. However, one small change to an ecosystem disturbs that balance. Due to practices such as destroying habitats for room to build, deforestation for timber and clearing land for crops and roads, humans are responsible for hundreds of species' extinctions. When habitats are fragmented, the animals in that habitat must, relearn how to survive. Food resources that were once there may be gone, or their homes may have been destroyed. This causes endangerment among many species.

Pollution :

Another way animals can lead to extinction, is by pollution. Water is polluted by things like run-off of fertilizers and pesticides from farms, oil and other chemicals from roads, and human sewage that flows untreated into rivers, lakes, and oceans. Creatures that depend on either freshwater or saltwater for all or part of their life cycles, like fish, frogs, marine mammals, and many invertebrates, are especially vulnerable to pollution. This is because the toxic chemicals that are being leaked into the ocean can kill adult members of wildlife populations and cause the production of deformed offspring.

Hunting and Fishing :

Exploitation is one of the major causes of extinction. More than 120 species have become extinct at least in part because of hunting and fishing. Poaching, which involves the illegal killing, hunting and capturing of wild animals for sale, is the biggest threat to wildlife after habitat destruction. Poaching is hunting without legal permission. Some of the most common forms of poaching are the hunting and killing of elephants for their ivory, tigers for their skin and bones, and rhinoceros for the alleged medicinal value of their horns. Legal hunters also kill tens of millions of animals per year. Whether done legally or illegally, all types of hunting have led to extinction of species. If not controlled, many more animals will be doomed to extinction.

Many of the actions that we take in society determines the future of our wildlife. Always make sure that you use your voice to speak up for what is right, and put an end to the destruction of the beautiful creatures on this earth

- Gloria

"Thinking Wild and Wonderful"


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