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Fundraising - Items for Sale :)

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Due to all the questions regarding what we sell here is a recap of our available products. All items are either handmade or bought from an ethical company that creates upcycled products.

To help support us please fill out our contact form, DM us on Instagram or email us at seasofchange@outlook.com 💙

All stock is limited so first in best dressed!

Thank you for your support, it is much appreciated.


  • Dugong print: $5 (~15x14.5cm)

  • Wave print: $5 (~14.5x13.5cm)

  • Stickers: $3 for all 4

  • Individual Prints (dugong ariel, mermaid, turtle): $2 each (Approx. size L-R clockwise: 10x13.5; 10.5x9.5; 14x8.5)

  • Goldfish print: $4 (~10x11cm)

  • Jellyfish print: $5 (~14.5x13.5cm)


  • Scrunchies: $5 each

  • Earrings: $12 each (Handmade; glass & sterling silver)


  • Pencil case: $19.95 each

  • Make-up bags: $29.95 each

  • Tea towels: $14.95 each

N.B. any postage costs will need to be covered by the buyer

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