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Home Sweet Home!

Hey Fellas! Mel is back with another blog!

Having a good day so far? I’ve had a great holiday and enjoyed lazing around a lot. :)

This blog post is about the distribution and adaptations of dugongs, I hope you like it!

Dugongs are found in warm coastal waters from the western Pacific Ocean to the eastern coast of Africa. Today, populations of dugongs are found in the waters of 37 countries and territories.

Dugongs are generally found in warm waters and around the coast in large numbers. They are found in this area as seagrass - their main food source - is found there. The shallow water also protects them from large waves and storms.

Dugongs cannot stay in their cosy little home, they have adaptations that affect their course of survival greatly.

Dugongs have a flattened tail, which helps them to evade their predator’s clutches and their nose is on the top of their head meaning that they don’t need to pause for breath; they can “just keep swimming, just keep swimming....”.

Dugongs don’t have to worry about how high or low they are swimming. Dugongs have very dense bones which suspend them just below the surface. With all these adaptations, and more, the dugong species is a very formidable opponent indeed!

Thank you for reading this blog, It was fun to research and discover many facts about our friendly species. Remember to think wild and wonderful!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday, and to those who know Steph and I,

See you soon!

  • Mel <3

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