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Memorable Moments in May

Hi Everyone :)

So another busy month has almost come to an end, and this month there were so many great events that were held to help our environment and create awareness of threats to the ocean.

A few wonderful events held by some great organisations this month was, International Day for Biological Diversity, World Turtle Day, and National Volunteer Week.

International Day for Biological Diversity :

This event is annually held on the 22nd of May, to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. This year, the theme for this convention was Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism. Biodiversity of both flora and fauna provides an important foundation for many aspects of tourism. Their goal was to primarily ensure greater control and management to reduce damage to biodiversity from tourism. Celebration under this theme provides an opportunity to raise awareness and action towards the important contribution of sustainable tourism both to economic growth and the sustainable use of biodiversity.

World Turtle Day :

This year, the 17th annual World Turtle Day, created by American Tortoise Rescue, was held on the 23rd of May. World Turtle Day celebrates these noble reptiles and their place in the world, and encourages people to take action to help protect both the common pet turtle, and the ever endangered sea turtle. It also proves to be an annual observance to create awareness of this creatures disappearing habitats around the world. Charity collections were held to raise money that goes towards helping these amazing animals. As well as for raising money, having these small charity events in the community helps everyone get involved and is a great chance to spread awareness of the dire situation at hand.

National Volunteer Week :

National Volunteer Week was held on the 8th to the 14th of May. It is an annual celebration to acknowledge “the generous contributions of our nations volunteers”. Thousands of events across the country were held to say thank you to all the amazing people who volunteer for great causes by having breakfasts, morning teas, luncheons and even open days. Our nation wouldn't be able to strive without these people who generously spend their time and effort into helping some great organisations. This includes the amazing team we have at Seas of Change who help with all our fundraisers and little events.

Shout out to all the volunteers who help and contribute to small sites like this as well as the larger global events.


So that concludes this blog post (the last one for this month).

Hope you all have a great week and make sure you help out our earth as much as possible.

- Gloria xx

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