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National Recycling Week

Hey everyone!

So this week, is national recycling week (13-19 of November), which is an annual opportunity for councils, workplaces, schools and individuals to refresh their knowledge and become successful recyclers.

Us Aussies are eager recyclers, with 90% of us agreeing that it's the right thing to do. However, this doesn't mean that all of us are putting it into practice. It is sooooo important that every single one of us recycle everything that we possibly can, so that:

We keep the Environment Clean -

Recycling helps us reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. When products are dumped in landfill, the energy used to make them is lost. Recycling them can help us recover some of this energy. Recycling organic waste also helps us reduce our impact on our climate by reducing the amount of methane gas released into the atmosphere.

We Conserve Materials -

Natural resources are riches provided courtesy of Mother Nature. Natural resources include land, plants, minerals, and water. By recycling materials, we conserve natural resources. In the case of paper, recycling saves trees and water. Making paper from recycled stock saves up to 17 trees and uses 50 percent less water. This helps us sustain our declining natural resources for the future generations.

We Save Energy -

It almost always takes less energy to make a product from recycled materials than it does to make it from new materials. Using recycled aluminum scrap to make new aluminum cans, for example, uses 95 percent less energy than making aluminum cans from bauxite ore, the raw material used to make aluminum. Recycling helps us to reduce energy usage as materials do not need to be extracted and processed once more.

We Reduce Garbage in Landfill -

Landfill waste poses a huge threat, as it has many negative environmental impacts, such as its slow decomposition rate. Waste that goes to landfill usually takes over thousands of years to decompose, and then once they do, harmful greenhouse gases such as methane are released into the air, poisoning our environment. When we recycle, we are preventing garbage from going to landfill, and reducing the amount of toxins released into the air.

Recycled Plastic

This week (and even after that), we can all put recycling into action in our own homes, and make our world our more sustainable and environmentally friendly place.

- Gloria xx

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