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No Meat May

This month is a very important and great time for everyone to help save our planet.

What’s so important about May?

This month is No Meat May! A time for all of us to reduce or even eliminate meat and animal products from our diets for 31 days, you could go longer, to help save our shared home. It is one of the most effective actions to take against climate change. Replacing livestock products with greens and other plant based alternatives can be our best strategy for reversing climate change.

Less meat and animal products means:

  • Fewer farmed animals

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

  • Reduced water usage

  • Less overfishing

  • Less extinction of species

It might seem hard for people to take meat completely out of their diet for a whole month but it is not as hard as it seems. Many people I talk to tell be they’d like to become vegetarian, but don’t because it seems like it would be too hard and they don’t have the willpower to do so. I just want to state that vegetarianism might not be for everyone. If you are fanatically devoted to meat (I know I used to be), you might not be interested. If you already eat healthy, or you’re not super interested in eating super healthy, you might not be interested. For those you think they might have a slight inkling of a thought that they want to give it a shot, here are a few tips to help motivate you to try and join the no-meat-may awareness campaign this month.

  • Don’t try and “never eat meat again.” Try cutting it down to no red meat, then poultry. Next cut out fish from your diet and your basically there!

  • Find good recipes and try them out at least once a week, slowly you can create new recipes more often throughout the week.

  • Substituting meat in your meals for other ingredients is not hard to do, there are many options when it comes to substitutions, such as falafel, beans, tofu and soy. All of these foods give you the same amount of nutrition that you get from your average serving of meat.

  • Tell your friends and family about you going vegetarian and you could encourage them to join you or continue to encourage you as you continue your vego lifestyle.

  • Read and educate yourself about the reasons to stay away from meat, this way making the switch to vegetarian won’t be too stressful, you’d have collected some solid reasons as to why you going vegetarian is a good idea.

Having the willpower to go on this journey can seem daunting at first, believe me I know. For a while I had the idea to try going vegetarian but it never came into place until I saw a documentary in a geography lesson at school. We’d been watching an episode on beef production from the well known SBS tv series "For the Love of Meat" by Matthew Evans. It is an extremely interesting documentary that gave me a new perspective on meat production. I was disgusted by the amount of meat Australians ate yearly compared to other countries and the process that farmers went through to provide us with that meat. A grotesque scene passed by my eyes and that sent me off on my journey to vegetarianism. From that day on I haven’t eaten a single bit of meat and have been cutting down on my intake of fish as well. It’s been roughly 3 months and I have been enjoying every bit of it. I hope most of you readers join the No-Meat-May campaign and eliminate meat from your diet for this month, and if you’re brave enough, try continuing down the path for longer.

To all the readers that will try going vegetarian, I applaud you and wish you the very best of luck!

- Thilara

"Thinking Wild & Wonderful" seasofchange@outlook.com

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