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Hey Guys,

Whassup? (Mel:The sky! HEHE) How’s your week been?

There have been heaps of events just passed and many more coming up. This week I’m here to tell you about my life! Jokes! What I mean is that I’m going to tell you about my extra curricular activities that revolve around DUGONGS!

What I’m really trying to say is that I have recently become an Ocean Youth ambassador which is such an amazing experience and has opened up many new opportunities for me!

So far I have participated in two workshop days.

For the first workshop we went to the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium and spent half the day learning about DUGONGS - Yay! For the other half of the day we spoke about environmental issues and fundraising ideas.

During the time between these two days I did a speech at my school for year 8. It was great to see such an engagement from such a young audience and I hope to do more speeches like this in the future.

For the second workshop we travelled to the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary in celebration of World Turtle Day. We learnt about all their previous rescue turtles, how they rescue and rehabilitate turtles and learnt about the threats facing turtles.

We also completed a beach clean up.

Doing this, was really sad and quite an eye opener as five days ago there had been a massive clean up and every morning a tractor comes along and picks up all the big pieces of rubbish on the beach so, to find the amount of rubbish that we did was very upsetting.

One person went for a dive and In under 5 minutes they found over 150 straws in a shallow bay and she said that she can find 150 plus daily! We also found over 200 cigarette butts and we saw many more than we were capable of picking up, way TOO much for my liking!

From arriving to this:

And finding this:

As part of Ocean Youth I will also be participating in Plastic Free July - more information to come later - and many other events to come.

I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity that I have been blessed with and am looking forward to our next workshop!

Don’t forget to check the blog next week as we will be sharing how one of the events we are participating goes!

- Steph <3

“Thinking Wild and Wonderful”


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