• Mel

Steph the Dugong Saver! :D

Hi everyone! This is Mel bringing you the 'thanks' of the day!

I know Steph has already thanked so many people, however...

She is the one who organises our fundraisers, and who made this website, and whom I work for, so shouldn't we thank Steph?

So please, go email seasofchange@outlook.com and give her the biggest virtual hug-kiss-declaration-of-love-thing, because she totally rocks and deserves all the thanks!

She has shown us that you should go follow your goals and achieve them, shown us that no matter what the circumstances are, no matter what age you are, you can do it. As nothing can really stop you: you're only limited by your mind and your imagination!

So thank you Steph, for being more family (well....) and less of a friend (baby sitter!).

Looking out for us always at every corner and bend. (losing money)

We should have expressed our thoughts long ago.

For having you, how grateful we feel, (for your control)

we want you to know,

Thank you!

(By the way, the poem above was yes indeed written by me, and includes inside jokes in the brackets, not rude comments)

- Mel <3

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