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Youths Report to HQ!

Hola! Its World Wildlife Day today, the 3rd! Wow!

World Wildlife Day is a day to raise awareness of the fauna and flora of this world. Each year, they have a different theme! This years theme is, what a coincidence, ‘listen to the young ones’! How fitting, as Seas of Change is just about this! We are an organisation that is only run by ‘young people’!

So in celebration of this AMAZING theme we thought it would be only fitting to tell you guys a little bit more about our underlying idea:

Something I may not have told you is that I believe that age is no barrier however, when you come to think of it...it sort of is. My aim for this site, other than helping the dugongs, is to give kids/teens more of an opportunity to showcase their skills. This is because kids are seen as dependent on adults as we are underage. Yes, we are! - but, we are more capable than what everyone says and thinks. . .

Look at me for example, I run a charitable site. I know that I am contributing to a better future for this world and just overall love what I do :)

Over to Mel:

That’s me! I personally love this perspective! I am forever feeling like people always underestimate us. Bleh! No, we can do it! World Wildlife Day is tellings youths to speak up and rally together!

To show our support for #DoOneThingToday, #youth4wildlife, #YoungVoices, #WorldWildlifeDay and #EndWildlifeTrafficking, we thought we would tell you how youth can help out, and why they are our target audience for this new era!

Why our target Audience?

Youth play such a big role in conservation as they are ‘THE NEXT GENERATION!’ Now, I know you have heard this one HUNDRED times but it’s true! If we educate and make aware people at a young age the threat they bear to this environment will decrease dramatically and we could save soooooo many species! Meaning that our kids and grandkids will be able to experience these animals just like us.

How can Youth Help?

We can help by doing many simple little things! Things like raising awareness; this could be talking to your teacher, or your friends about it! Things like announcing your event; post on social media using the #DoOneThingToday, #youth4wildlife, #YoungVoices, #WorldWildlifeDay, #EndWildlifeTrafficking hashtags! Always participate! For more ideas visit: http://wildlifeday.org/content/get_involved!

People that take the initiation to be independent, are the people like us; volunteers that do the work of the world, and help restore what we cause to Mozuer Natuer (Mother Nature). We all have this sense that we need to do things to help!

So #DoOneThingToday and keep your eyes peeled for ways you can help out in your daily life!

- Steph and Mel <3

‘Thinking Wild and Wonderful’


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