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There are many threats to Dugongs:

1) Illegal Hunting.

2) Loss of habitat from pollution.

3) Accidental capture in fishing gear.

4) Traditional hunting (unsustainable).

5) Boat strike.

6) Loss of food source, this can occur from:

a) coastal developments reducing the sea grass habitats;

b) large-scale flooding that causes the predicted sea level to rise and climate change.

7) Poor quality water in the Great Barrier Reef: caused by pesticides and nutrient run-off.


- Inform your community on the threats that are out there for our Beautiful Dugongs.

- Inform your community that Dugongs are an ENDANGERED AUSTRALIAN species.

- DON'T LITTER: Pollution is one of the biggest threats for

Dugongs and the OCEAN.

- If you live near a water way try to keep pesticides to a minimum.

- Share our site on your social media to give us a broader outreach.

Thanks <3